About Us


To be a role model for Produce Processing and the Packaging Industries, by creating affordable and superior quality products in a hygienic environment, Promoting Wellness for all our customers and stakeholders by abiding by the best professional and ethical standards, towards building economically viable nations.




Product Development

If making grains and spices for export or local consumption is your thing, then Mafelojo Resources Limited food processing department can help you achieve this dream. We will assist in all areas from product design, branding, processing, packaging and logistics for shipment within and outside of the country.


Training & Research

We believe that transferring our wealth of knowledge and expertise through training and making our facility available for research purposes to young aspiring farmers in and across the country. By doing so, we ignite the passion of Nigerian youths towards agriculture, ensuring that the future of food sustenance in Nigeria is achievable.


Farm Management

We manage farms for new farm owners. Many people who live out-of-country, and have a desire to maintain ownership of the farm, without the day-to-day operational challenges or farming knowledge. We utilize local farmers with good reputations and experience, in an effort to be good stewards of the land.

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Harvest Brokerage

Are you having difficulties in selling off your harvest every farming season? We at Mafelojo Resources Limited can help with the sales, storage solutions and providing marketing channels to rid you of these seasonal challenges, thereby putting money in your pocket and open more opportunities for your business to do more.


Land Appraisal

Whether you need an idea of  what your farm is worth, for selling, for estate purposes, or lease, we have the expertise to help with valuation services. Get in touch with us today using the contact page and a representative will be waiting to answer your questions and put you through the process.


Agricultural Consultancy

We do consultation for Clients – From small to mid-sized investment; from soil sampling, high-yield seeds picking, plant weather forecasting to setting up farm administrative structure. At Mafelojo Resources Limited, We have your back to help make you and your investment a success.

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Let Us Help You To Build Your Farm Business!

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    My family has been buying/eating Garri from Haddasah foods since 2015 and I must say, it is the best. The crunchiness is the real deal.

    • Barr. Adekemi Fayese
    • Nigeria
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    HADASSAH PRODUCTS A father's delight & a family treat. HADASSAH Garri is clean, tasteful, and well packaged. It goes down well in hot afternoons with her delicious Kuli-Kuli (wholly free of annoying and unhygienic stones like the local variety) when soaked for a quick meal in our hot African sun or prepared as Eba, Haddasah Garri is any wife's delight as my wife testifies. What with Hadassah's other varieties like Elubo, etc. our family is able to get delicious meals prepared with ease.

    • Barrister Segun Olonade
    • Nigeria
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    Hadassah food spices are such a COMPLETE pack in the real sense of it! I love the packaging and the fact that it contains a variety of spices for everyday use. Each spice has a distinctive taste when used in cooking or simply marinating different types of meat. I found that these spices are completely medicinal, natural, and contain no preservatives, which is the number one health factor for me and my family. The delivery of the items was also quick with commendable customer service. I strongly recommend this brand to anyone, especially people with families like mine!

    • Yemisi Adeyemi
    • USA
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    The very dry, crunchy, and clean Hadassah Garri is a very unique product. It's not only clean and hygienic but lasts for a very long time maintaining its taste. I love the various packaging types that afford you to share out as gifts. It's very good for consumption with cold water and for EBA. You will not want to consider any other type of cassava flakes (Garri) once you get used to the Hadassah product.

    • Funso Balepo
    • Nigeria
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    The Hadassah bean flour was received as a gift from a relative. I made the Nigerian traditional beancakes with the recipe guide on the Hadassah package. It was easy to make and the final outcome was as desired. The beancake was crunchy with an organic taste.

    • Toluwa Amosun
    • United Kingdom
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    I use Hadassah Turmeric powder with hot pap regularly and each day my body feels relief and light as if the heavy burden is out of it. I am free from sickness and I look younger. I have recommended this product and its garlic powder to several people especially this COVID-19 period. The product is highly hygienic, affordable and effective.

    • Alhaja Adisa
    • Nigeria